Hi! I'm Gregory, a Master's student in first second third fourth-year mechanical engineering and EECS student at MIT. I went to high school in the SF Bay Area, where I ran MakeX, a completely student-run makerspace. I've been building janky mechanical projects since middle school, many of which I haven't documented at all.

I recently realized that I should have some sort of website to document my projects, as both a sort of resource for others to look at as well as a portfolio for myself. After finishing projects, I would often find threads documenting a similar project, with people encountering similar obstacles and making similar mistakes. If I had known about their project earlier, I could have avoided wasting time and money on those mistakes. After talking to other makers, I've found that they've had similar experiences; the lack of documentation means that everyone has to redundantly learn knowledge.

While years of volunteer teaching has certainly lead me to appreciate the benefits of hands-on learning, the monetary cost of this method puts many makers off from working on their own projects. I know for sure it did for me. Project documentation is a solution to this, as it allows people to absorb knowledge found through trial and error and use it to avoid pitfalls in their own projects.

However, many of these resources are hidden away on various message boards and personal sites, and are often hard to find. While this blog is still contributing to this part of the problem, I feel like any documentation at all is a step in the right direction. I plan to retroactively document some of my older projects, as well as anything new that I work on.

If you really want to contact me for some reason, you can at gregoryx@m i t.edu